Lesley, 45 - RapidLash®

Having read the reviews for RapidLash a few years ago I decided to try it for myself.

My natural eyelashes have always been short, fair, sparse and fine and I have always longed for long 'movie star' lashes for as long as I can remember. Well, thanks to RapidLash I now have them!!

I am very interested in all new beauty innovations and have been trying new products for 30 years (with varying success).  I can honestly state that RapidLash is the most successful product I have ever used. I  have now been using it for 3 years and would not be without it.  As I have my lashes tinted black  I can go mascara-less if I choose and am still receiving compliments regularly.  I feel feminine and glamorous even when not made up. Wearing mascara enhances the effect even more, dispensing with the need for false lashes.

I cannot recommend this product enough. Thanks RapidLash!